eBook: Sewing for Guinea Pigs


New to guinea pigs or new to sewing? Here are thirteen fun projects that will help you get started sewing for- and spoiling- your cavy! Learn how to sew cage liners as an alternative to expensive bedding, a cube house, a corner hammock, and more.

Many of these sewing projects will work for other small pets as well, such as rats or hamsters.

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“Sewing for Guinea Pigs” is a book that will show you how to sew items to customize the look and feel of your cavy cage. Learn how to save money with fleece cage liners and other homemade products. Make custom sets for holidays or just for everyday use. Spoil your guinea pigs.

Excerpt from the Introduction

Your guinea pigs will be part of the family. You’ll spend time snuggling them, a lot of time cleaning up after them, and you will provide them with treats and love.


You’ll be seeing a lot of their cage. The cage needs to be large, which means using a lot of paper bedding if you go that route. We decided to go with ecofriendly fabric cage liners to save money. I love reusable products and the bedding is fluffy and soft.

But the liners are just a gateway to all of the other fun things you can create for the cage. There are hay bags and hammocks, and they can all be made in matching sets. Imagine making a set for Christmas, a set for Valentine’s and other holidays! It’s so much fun to pick out cute fabrics for their cage.

I hope this book helps teach you how to spoil your own guinea pigs with custom products fit to your cage.

Happy sewing!


What You Get in “Sewing for Your Guinea Pig”

  • Detailed photo tutorials for each project. The following are the 13 projects covered in “Sewing for Guinea Pigs”

    • Cage Liners

    • Wet Bag

    • Cleaning Wipes and Cleaner

    • Fleece Forest

    • Tunnel

    • Cuddle Cave

    • Cube House

    • Hay Sack

    • Ball Toy

    • Corner Hammock

    • Snuffle Mat

    • Lap Blanket

    • Ladder Cover

  • Sewing patterns for projects that require them.

  • A supplies list for each project.

Here’s some of the supplies used in this book: https://diydanielle.com/sewing-guinea-pigs/supplies-sewing-guineapigs/

There is currently not a physical book available for this product.

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