Apology Cards for Kids: Printable


Are you looking for a cute and easy way for your kids to learn to apologize? Check out these printable "I'm Sorry Cards." 

These apology cards are similar to the apology letters that therapists often use, but they are easier for younger kids and for kids who get impatient or frustrated with writing long letters. They allow the person to circle and write in pieces of the apology, similar to the "Thank You card" fill in the blanks.

I'm looking to have these printed and sold as a set, but currently these are only available as a printable. As with all of my other printables, you need to print these at home (or send them to a printing company to have printed out). These are FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  

Note: I'm keeping the "I Clucked Up" card in there. I know this isn't for everyone, but I think it's funny and if you are okay with that, your kids probably will too. Sometimes it takes the bite out of having to write these cards if you can be a little funny about it. 

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